The working group / Η ομάδα εργασίας

The Cultural Association of Miamou/Lentas – Asclepios

The Cultural Association of Miamou/Lentas – Asclepios has been working to restore the old village centre in Miamou. With support from an EU grant, a new community centre for meetings, events, and gatherings has been completed that includes a museum.  Nearby, the association also built a community oven in 2018 that is available to all people in the village for baking bread, etc.  Recently, the association was given three houses with grounds. The plan is to renovate two of these houses and offer them at low cost to young couples with children who decide to live in the village. The third house should be made available to visitors and volunteer helpers. The organization is also committed to the maintenance and continuation of the excavations in the Asclepios sanctuary in Lentas.

The Cultural Association of Tsigounas

Tsigounas is a small village on the coast of the Libyan Sea beside the Asterousia Mountains. The residents are mainly active in agriculture. The greenhouse culture, which has grown extremely since the 1990s, brought advantages on the one hand, but also serious problems. One review of the 2004/2005 season: 18 tons of plastic waste, which the residents also faced. The fatal thing up to then: Almost 30 percent were simply left in the countryside, more than 30 percent were burned, a considerable amount left on free dumps and only 17 percent were recycled. In sum, an ecological disaster, other localities in the region were in a quite similar situation. But a process of reflection and change began in the village. The “Cultural Association of Tsigounas” was founded. As a result, and over the following years until today: All plastic waste has been recycled for a long time. In addition, the village has practiced its household waste separation for several years. Broken water pipes and therefore water wastage is a thing of the past. The village was also embellished, and much was done for communication and culture. Thus, Tsigounas has established itself as a role model for the region.

Association of Volunteer Firefighters and Environmental Protection, Asterousia

Fire and Greece is a tiresome topic. At the latest in the early summer, the fire danger rises immensely. This applies without restriction to the villages on the south coast of the region as well as in the Asterousia Mountains. From Mires, the provincial capital, there are always between 25 and 40 kilometres, this must be done partly on rough gravel roads for the professional fire department. So, about ten years ago, some people in the region installed the “Association of Volunteer Firefighters and Environmental Protection, Asterousia”, as a kind of first aid in a way for acute occasions to prevent major disasters. Clever, as the inhabitants are, they invented a construction on a car trailer. Equipped with a 1000-liter tank and a high-pressure pump, this was now a two-hour use in the first control guaranteed. Meanwhile, there exist two of these trailers as well as appropriate protective clothing for the active, and all this has been used successfully several times. Prevention and education of residents and tourists naturally play an important part in the work of the association. Last but not least, the committed volunteers are also active with a number of measures to protect the regional environment.

The association MAZI e.V. was founded in late 2018:

  • to promote exchanges with Greek people
  • to inform about social and cultural concerns of the country
  • to initiate workshops and educational activities
  • to organize joint events in Greece and in our region in Germany
  • to provide monetary and material donations against the background of the Greek crisis
  • to support charitable and future-oriented initiatives
  • to generate contacts and cooperation locally
  • to help foster the spirit of Europeanism in the areas and form partnerships from the grassroots level up. 

With all this in mind, MAZI focusses on an extensive region in southern Crete, to whose inhabitants they have had close ties for many years.

A future guest house in the old village of Miamou was the goal of a MAZI action week that took place at end May/begin June 2019. The resonance was amazing and 13 engaged people flew from Germany to Crete for ten days to get down to work. The action week concluded with a fantastic and lively festivity at the village square at the east side of Lentas. Approximately 200 people took part (including many interested holiday makers) to enjoy food, drinks, and diverse live music.

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