The catastrophe is not far away.

For ages, the Asterousia mountains have been the water tank for the whole region. However, the level of the groundwater has dropped dangerously. If this continues at this pace, sea water will eventually penetrate into the underground aquifers . This means that life on the coast, in the mountains and in parts of the Messara will no longer be possible.

Is this our future?

The water reserves in our region are declining rapidly. In contrast, temperatures are constantly rising due to climate change. This (see image above) could be the effect.

We have to decide!

Either: Lose the basis for livelihoods, residences, and life itself, while gambling away the future of our children and children’s children. Or tackle the problem together. Right away. Because it’s five minutes until midnight – and time is running out.

Cretan Network for Future.

“Water is Life” is a campaign for a living future on Crete. It has been Initiated by three non-profit associations in the region in cooperation with a German partner association. Other associations, cooperatives and organizations have expressed their interest in working together. In this way we want to build a network on Crete and beyond. For a future worth living.

You too can participate!

Everyone should have a chance to say what they think about the water shortage problem we are facing. That is the first step towards finding a common approach to meeting the challenge of this very real threat.

Contact on Crete:

Andreas (Taverna Lavrys – Greek Language and English): 69 4451 7704 /andreaslavrys@yahoo.gr

Gina: (English and German Language): 00 30 693 010 8929 / ginabilly@gmx.de


A printed version of a 48-page brochure in Greek language is available now in certain locations in the region, it is free. You may also download here the PDF-versions in Greek, English and German language:


Get the Greek Brochure (PDF)                 Get the English Brochure (PDF)                 Get the German Brochure (PDF)

Brochures as flipbook