Use rainwater

How to use rainwater? An example from Lipsi island (go to the link below):

Greenhouses – Use of rainwater:

Rainwater collectors

In areas where the availability of large quantities of irrigation water is limited, or the cost is high, rainwater collectors are used, which are fed with the water collected from the roof of the greenhouses through the rainwater collection network.
The quality of rainwater is excellent for the irrigation of greenhouse crops. It does not contain salts, having a very low electrical conductivity (EC).
The construction of a rainwater collector – pond tank requires the creation of a specially designed pit and its covering with a waterproof membrane.
The area of the protective membrane and the capacity of such a pond tank are calculated as a function of the area of the greenhouse and its needs.

Συλλέκτες Βρόχινου Νερού

Συλλέκτες Βρόχινου Νερού