Some basics


Water is life, and along with oxygen, it is the most important element needed for human beings to exist. This is why people should be doing everything possible to make sure that a plentiful supply of this life-essential substance is available. And there is good reason for this – remember for example the LEDDRA study.

That action must be taken is obvious. We need to talk about which actions need taking – and do this together and with a view to finding a collective approach to solving this existential problem. Trying to tackle the problem alone, or with an “everyone for themselves” attitude will not work. That is because there are too many important issues to consider – and no one person can solve this problem on their own.

What can be done so that the rainwater that falls in the mountains can once again infiltrate the earth? How can we make better use of the rain we receive? How can we both reduce the amount of water being used in private households, in the tourism sector, in agriculture – and make sure we are using our water resources as effectively as possible? Where is water being lost through inattentiveness and carelessness, such as leaky cisterns and pipes? How much would effective solutions cost – and who shall pay for them? How can we try and involve policy makers and government bodies and make sure they are doing their parts?

It is questions like these that the Water is Life network wants to work on finding answers to – and crucially, do that together with everyone who lives and works in affected regions such as generally in Crete.

So, you are welcome to contact us, and – much better – to participate in the engagement. Of course, this also applies to individuals who do not belong to any organization.