to the Water is Life (WiL) project on Crete, Greece!
WiL is all about people working together to:

This means:

  • Caring for the water we still have – and not wasting it.
  • Protecting water quality.
  • Harvesting/collecting rainwater.
  • Refilling our underground freshwater aquifers.
Map of the part of the Asterousia Mountain Biosphere Reserve where the Water is Life project on Crete is most active. (Google Maps.)

An “open” cistern in the village of Miamou in the Asterousia Mountains, Crete, Greece. (Photo: GBK)

Bad news:

Our freshwater supplies in the underground aquifers in the Asterousia Mountains are running out!

Quickly…one drop, one liter, one well at a time.

Basically, we are drilling deeper and deeper into the reserves. We’re pumping them dry and not doing much (yet) to refill them.

This is a HUGE problem.

Two posters from the Water is Life 2022
awareness-raising campaign

More bad news:

There is a very real danger that salt water from the Sea of Crete/Libyan Sea will get into our fresh water!
Soon, too. And then?

Our future will look like this:

No freshwater = “dead” land

Excerpt from our World Water Day 2023 poster “A Future with Water is a Future with Life.”
(Artist: Voula Ladoukaki; Concept: Anja Mikola-Dobler.)
The coastal villages of Ditikos (left) and Lentas (right) on the Sea of Crete. If the freshwater level in the aquifers in the Asterousia Mountains (back) gets too low, seawater will get into our drinking water…and then…
(Photo: WiL volunteer R. Huttary)

Good news:

There are many things every person who lives/works in or visits this amazing part of Crete can do to tackle the problem!

  • Explore our Can dos!
    You’ll find short posts and videos with ideas and tips about how to save water, protect its quality, harvest rain, and promote infiltration.

  • Keep up with Water is Life’s latest actions in our News blog.

  • Take part in our Water Talk blog!
    Ask (and answer) questions – and share your water stories /actions!

  • Visit About us to discover more about Water is Life’s leadership, mission, and history.
A “can do”: Report and/or repair leaking pipes!
(They waste LOTs of water!)

Most importantly: See every drop of water as something precious – because: