This group began its important work in 1999. One of the main goals was to create closer contact between the Cretan and the foreign residents in the village. Over the years, the volunteers have implemented many great projects.

These include: Improving the village infrastructure. For example, the association worked to help get the road that leads to Tsigkounas from the east paved and now are trying to do the same for the road going west. For over a decade, the group has been working to bring back public (DEMOS) water to the village.

The organization has done great work with the local farmers. For example, they have created a place to recycle greenhouse plastic, promoted organic farming, and more modern ways of crop irrigation.

A large focus of the Tsigkounas Association is on building and fostering community spirit. The group hosts events like an annual card tournament, and offering a yearly outing to explore and enjoy more of Crete together.

An excursion organized by the Association.

Each year members help decorate the very popular Christmas nativity display.
The Association also creates an annual calendar that shows photos of the area and gives information about it.
The calendars are sold to help fund the volunteers’ work.
Furthermore, the association also dries and sells organic tomatoes.
All proceeds go towards financing the group’s many community projects.