The Cultural Association of Miamou-Lentas – Asclepius was founded in 1987. Its goals are:

  • to foster hope
  • protect the environment
  • discover and preserve the history of the area.
Drone photo of Miamou, Crete by volunteer R. Huttary

The Association tries to help people understand how to mix modern progress with valuable traditions, and especially: be an example of people working, learning, collaborating, and celebrating together.

Its members have been especially active since 2007. For example, they worked to create this community center in the village of Miamou.

In it, people come together to share a meal, exchange news and ideas, and celebrate various occasions like the annual “pita cutting” tradition to mark the beginning of a new year.

Upstairs, there is a true highlight: the village’s folk museum. It displays traditional tools and objects of daily life from the past.

Nearby, the Association has built a community oven. Here, villagers bake traditional foods and bread. It is also a popular spot to have a little rest or chat.

The association also helps to preserve and promote the ruins of the ancient site of healing in Lentas – the Asclepius Sanctuary.

A huge project in progress at the moment is: renovating the old village center.

The idea is to create new living spaces out of ruins. The hope is to help repopulate the village.

In the spring of 2019, volunteers began clearing away dirt and rubbish from these ruins – and now these old structures are ready for more work.

Watch the video documentation about this great action on youtube!

You can follow the Cultural Association of Miamou-Lentas – Asclepius on Facebook to learn more about the group and its latest actions.