Founded in 2009, the Volunteer Firefighters, Asterousia are the first response when a fire breaks out in the area. For this, the Association first used an “Oldtimer” fire truck brought from Germany. But when the firefighters learned that it was almost impossible to register the truck in Greece, they found a new solution:

Meanwhile, the firefighters have two firefighting trailers.
These each have a 1000-liter water tank, a high-pressure pump, and two water-efficient, high-pressure hoses.

The firefighters are also very active in trying to prevent fires from starting. For example, they do educational activities, including sponsoring children’s projects, like this one. Here, children from the area all created fire safety signs – to remind us all how important it is to be careful with fire.

Another main focus is on protecting the local environment. This work takes place within our “CREaTE GREEN, Lentas” project and through our collaboration in

Among many other things, the group organizes “cleaning-up together” events to clear rubbish from the beaches, river beds, and along roadsides.

Cleaning- up together events.

Volunteers also work to raise awareness about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle, the proper way to dispose of rubbish, and other ways to protect the local environment.

The Rubbish Warrior” Project
New signage for the rubbish collection sites: Spring 2023

The volunteers finance their work with fundraising activities and the donation jars you see in many local businesses.
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