Association of Volunteer Firefighters

Fire and Greece is a tiresome topic. At the latest in the early summer, the fire danger rises immensely. This applies without restriction to the villages on the south coast of the region as well as in the Asterousia Mountains. From Mires, the provincial capital, there are always between 25 and 40 kilometres, this must be done partly on rough gravel roads for the professional fire department. So, about ten years ago, some people in the region installed the “Association of Volunteer Firefighters and Environmental Protection, Asterousia”, as a kind of first aid in a way for acute occasions to prevent major disasters. Clever, as the inhabitants are, they invented a construction on a car trailer. Equipped with a 1000-liter tank and a high-pressure pump, this was now a two-hour use in the first control guaranteed. Meanwhile, there exist two of these trailers as well as appropriate protective clothing for the active, and all this has been used successfully several times. Prevention and education of residents and tourists naturally play an important part in the work of the association. Last but not least, the committed volunteers are also active with a number of measures to protect the regional environment.