Cultural Association Miamou

The Cultural Association of Miamou/Lentas – Asclepios has been working to restore the old village centre in Miamou. With support from an EU grant, a new community centre for meetings, events, and gatherings has been completed that includes a museum.  Nearby, the association also built a community oven in 2018 that is available to all people in the village for baking bread, etc.  Recently, the association was given three houses with grounds. The plan is to renovate two of these houses and offer them at low cost to young couples with children who decide to live in the village. The third house should be made available to visitors and volunteer helpers. The organization is also committed to the maintenance and continuation of the excavations in the Asclepios sanctuary in Lentas.

(Kostas Manidakis, the founder of the association)


(The new community house and the common oven)